I want to become a GEOHOST


Are you the owner of a site in the heart of nature ?

The guaranteed network of spots in nature for leisure travellers in campervans and motorhomes

Who can become a geoHost ?

All the owners of large sites: farmers, vineyard owners, individuals, local communities, campsites…

All who have a site that fulfils certain conditions:

  • A site in the heart of nature, away from homes
  • Non-urbanized and preferably flat land
  • Space for at least one vehicle (and up to three maximum)
  • Access by a path easily passable by vehicles
  • Provides a space for the geoBox (attached to a tree, a fence, a post…)
  • Ideally no standing water nearby (to avoid mosquitoes)

How to propose my geoSpot ?

  1. Complete our registration form
  2. Provide certain supporting documents (photos, agreement document)
  3. Set up your geoBox.
  4. Your registration has been accepted, your geoSpot is now referenced on the mobile application park4night. You can welcome your first geoSpotters ! You can reference an additional 2 geoSpots.

Annual fee

29,99 €/year FREE (for the first year)

The annual membership fee contributes to the development of our platform and also covers non-automated service charges. All the verification checks, exchanges and information put online is done manually by good quality service providers. The payment of your membership fee helps us to continue to offer you our services and to improve them.

Set up my geoBox

The geoBox serves as a secure collection box for the geoTips (financial contributions) in cash. The welcome documents are also displayed there with the geoCode which will indicate the presence of travellers.

If you make your geoBox yourself :
(Included without extra charge)

We strongly encourage you to use second hand materials. Think about looking in your garage or loft, asking around or going to a car boot sale.

It is best if this box is shaped like a letterbox so that it is waterproof, has a slot (with a flap against the rain) and a locking system (lock, code or padlock) to receive your geoTips safely. It will also need some space on the outside walls to display the welcome documents (geoSpot best practices, geoCode, logo) that we will send you.

Buy your geoBox pack :
(Buy the geoBox, for an additional 20€/Tax inc.)

You simply need to wait for the delivery of this package before installing it.

In both cases, you will have to install your geoBox yourself on your site, this can be attached to a tree, a fence or a post.

Receive my geoTips

The geoTip is the financial contribution left by leisure travellers to thank you for making your land available

This geoTip can be left in cash in the geoBox you have installed.

And if you prefer, you can use Paypal or Lydia, two mobile applications that allow you to receive money only with your phone number or email. With this additional payment method, the geoSpotter will be able to choose the way he wants to thank you!

In both cases, the amount is optional and no commission is added to geoSpot by park4night.

Set up my geoExtra - optional

Each geoHost has the possibility to equip their geoSpot with one or more geoExtra. This surprise feature is optional and is ideally not something that geoSpotters have in their vehicle so that they can enjoy it on your property.

In order to help you, we have put together a list of geoExtras that you could install on your geoSpot, here is our list of ideas!