The GEOSPOT concept

A geoSpot is a private spot in the heart of nature. The geoHost (owner of the site) would like to share it with leisure travellers in campervans and motorhomes for 2 nights maximum

fleche-jauneThe geoBox and the geoCODE

After joining, access to geoSpots is free.
Once on site, you need to find the geoBox, usually in the form of a mailbox, where the welcome instructions are displayed.

It has 3 functions :
- Once found, you are guaranteed to be in the right place
- The geoCode is written on it, this is the number that should be referenced on the park4night application to alert the geoHost, as well as other geoSpotters, that the site is occupied
- It serves as a secure collection box


fleche_jauneThe geoTIPS

On leaving, the geoSpotters leave a geoTip for the geoHosts to thank them. The amount you leave is up to you and no commission is taken. It can be left in cash in the secure geoBox or transferred by a mobile payment application (such as Paypal or Lydia).

fleche_jauneThe geoExtra, an additional surprise - optional

If they would like to do so, the owner can provide a geoExtra at their geoSpot. This could be, for example, a sunbed, a picnic table or even an outdoor game. The idea is that the geoSpotters don't already have it in their vehicle and can enjoy it at the spot.

This optional element is a little surprise to make you smile!


fleche_jauneThe Nature Protect project

As part of the Nature Protect project, park4night is committed to the protection of nature and the environment.

Our responsible travellers' charter encourages behaviour that respects the environment (vehicles with fitted toilets, cleaning up the spot after visiting…). Our moderation rules have also become stricter, as well as the rules for accepted places, comments or photos; those that go against this charter are deleted.

However, park4night's commitment is not limited to this charter, which is why the geoSpots were created. Thanks to these new spots, travellers park for a short period only (two nights maximum) in limited numbers (maximum 3 parking places) and commit to environmentally friendly behaviour through 'the geoSpot best practices'.


fleche_jauneThe geoSPOT best practices

  • As soon as I arrive, I will register with the geoCode to advise other geoSpotters, as well as the geoHost, of my presence.

  • My vehicle is equipped with toilets and rubbish bins in order to preserve the geoSpots

  • I will respect the spot and the equipment made available (at the owner's discretion) : geoBox, geoExtra.

  • I will stay for a maximum of two nights at a geoSpot. I will re-register from 12.00 pm following my first night if I decide to stay for a second night.

  • Before my departure, I will leave a geoTip, of an amount of my choice, to thank the geoHost for making his land available (no commission applied).

To access geoSpots